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After moving into your new home, you soon discover that you were underestimating how much you actually owned. You don't know how to arrange for the delivery of a sofa, bed, and other large furniture pieces.  It can be quite difficult to move heavy furniture from point A to point B, and moving is difficult enough in its own right. You have to worry about getting things not just inside your house but also up stairs and through small passageways. Vitan Couriers provides delivery services with two men. Large furniture pieces are something we specialize in moving throughout the UK.

We can easily convey even the largest products thanks to our network of 2-man delivery teams.

two man delivery courier

​Two individuals are usually needed to move huge items or merchandise. Vitan Couriers  has a network of two-man delivery teams because of this. Our groups are dispersed around the United Kingdom. offering a nationwide same-day delivery service as a promise.
Asking a buddy and renting a vehicle result in stressful and costly scenarios. We offer a two-man delivery service that is trustworthy and timely. Whether you need to call and schedule an urgent delivery right away or if you need a more customized or targeted service that calls for extra assistance:


Procedures We Follow To Secure Efficient Delivery.

  • You’ll receive photo evidence that your shipment has been delivered safely to its destination.

  • Drivers Collect your goods and deliver them straight away

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Range of vehicles available, suitable for the transport

  • All goods insured

  • All vehicles tracked and have on board messaging systems

  • All vehicles receive live traffic updates & suggested alternate routes reducing the chance of getting caught in a traffic.

  • Electronic proof of delivery obtained as standard

  • We will always use the most cost effective vehicle ensuring the lowest possible Price for you

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