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In today's corporate environment, time is of the importance. You don't have time to search for a courier service, so you need to get your delivery delivered as soon as feasible and as effectively as possible. You're not by yourself. Leicester businesses look for a same-day courier service that can meet their urgent delivery needs every single day. 
We can assist you, Vitan Courier Couriers. We provide a countrywide service that can pick up and deliver your package to any location in the nation in under 60 minutes. Furthermore, our fleet is licensed and insured, and we have comprehensive insurance. So you can relax knowing that good hands are handling your delivery.


At Vitan Couriers, we specialize in lightning-fast same-day delivery services across the UK.

Our dedicated team and advanced technology work in harmony to ensure on-time multi-stop deliveries with precision planning.

Our next-day delivery services are tailored to meet your urgent shipping needs, ensuring that your parcels and packages arrive promptly.

At Vitan Courier, we're dedicated to swift, secure overnight delivery by morning across the UK.

Our next-day delivery services are tailored to meet your urgent shipping needs, ensuring that your parcels and packages arrive promptly.

Our scheduled delivery services in the United Kingdom are meticulously designed to meet your specific requirements.

Used usually for bulky or challenging-to-move things. We assembled two-man teams and provided white glove service. New appliances or furniture moving are ideal uses for this service.

Need assistance relocating to a university? Before classes start, we can help you relocate all of your stuff into dorms or other student housing with a variety of removal services.

ADR & Dangerous Goods

We are aware that transporting ADR and hazardous materials requires a high level of safety. Every shipment of hazardous materials is treated with particular caution and attention.


Our staff will collaborate with you to choose the most efficient way to deliver your belongings to the warehouse, storage facility, or job site, whether you need to move a single quarter pallet or multiple full ones.

Art & Antiques

We offer a variety of solutions, whether it's an ancient picture or a piece of furniture that belongs to a collector. It can be delivered without white glove treatment in addition to being handled expertly.


Do you need a part shipped today? From biomedical to civil engineering, we cover every area of engineering.  We have a vehicle to help with the delivery, regardless of the size of the parts.

Aviation (AOG)

Because flights are booked within limited window times, the courier you choose must be reliable and punctual. Our extensive selection of Aviation / AOG courier services and our efficiency are what we take great pride in.

Exhibition & Events

Events and exhibitions revolve around preparation. You run the risk of your event not going as planned if you don't prepare well. The setup is one of the most important aspects of preparation.

Furniture & Fabrics

We have professionals in fabric and furniture logistics. Having a committed in-house staff, we provide a two-man white glove service for any size of furniture, rug, or fabric. Remove the tension... 


Doubting the wisdom of publishing significant and legal documents online? I need the documentation to arrive without any delays. Using a proficient legal document courier can be helpful in this situation.

IT Equipment

Our specialty is the delivery and collection of IT equipment, which is skillfully made for the dynamic remote work environment of today.

Oil & Gas

We are aware that transporting cargo including oil and gas requires the utmost safety. We've trained our drivers to handle all types of dangerous gas and oil. Your entire Oil & Gas demands can be customized by Vitan Couriers. 


Sending jewelry and other items can make you feel uneasy because they need special handling. Nonetheless, selecting the appropriate courier will guarantee the safe delivery of your items. 


The population's health and well-being depend heavily on the conveyance of medical supplies. Our drug delivery services are adaptable to each medical procedure's requirements and the wants of the client.

Photography & Production

Production equipment is essential to the operation of many industries, ranging from engineering to the music industry. Businesses frequently have a tendency to relocate their production equipment. For this, we have a dedicated team.

Sports Industry

Whether you run a sports company or oversee a sports team, you are aware of the particular difficulties in safely and effectively moving athletic goods.


delivering effective logistics solutions that are suited for the retail and warehousing sectors, guaranteeing the smooth movement of goods from warehouses to shop shelves.

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